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Sprott Resource Holdings Inc.(TSX: SRHI) Forms Special Committee

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TORONTO, February 11, 2019 – Sprott Resource Holdings Inc. (TSX: SRHI) (“SRHI” or “the Company”) announces that, in consultation with its significant shareholders including Sprott Inc., the Board of Directors of the Company has formed a Special Committee of the Board comprised solely of the Company’s four Independent Directors which will be chaired by Terry Lyons, the current Chairman of the Board. The purpose of the Special Committee will be to review and evaluate potential measures to address the Company’s market valuation. This review will be comprehensive and will look at all measures to maximize shareholder value. The Special Committee has engaged financial and legal advisors to assist in its evaluation.

About Sprott Resource Holdings Inc.

SRHI acquires and grows a portfolio of cash-flowing businesses and businesses expected to cash flow in the natural resource sector. Based in Toronto, SRHI is part of the Sprott Group of Companies and seeks to deploy capital to provide our investors with exposure to attractive commodities. For more information about SRHI, please visit

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