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Filter out all of the capital markets’ noise and focus management in the right direction.

Communicating Success

Brisco Capital is an Investor Relations consultancy that acts as a bridge of communication between public equities and the investment community.

Consistent communication of management’s goals and progress through face-to-face, virtual calls, collateral material, multi and social media or press releases, are all key elements in achieving fair equity value.

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Investor Relations is a process by which we want to achieve three results:

Instant adoption of the story by which our audience becomes shareholders.
Mid term to latter adoption: Investment community members start watching the story and monitoring management progress with the ultimate goal of them becoming shareholders.
No adoption: we find out why and work with management with this invaluable feedback.

Trading today is as much about promoting your company as it is about stock share value. Our ultimate goal is to have investment community members replace one equity symbol on their stock quote screen with our clients. This will allow them to follow the progress of management milestones.

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